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Electronic load controller (ELC) specifications for pico & micro hydro power plant

           Dhavamani Technologies

Our E.L.C is MicroController based, designed and tested for quick response for 1-200 kw    Pico & micro hydro power plant. Its engineered for high accuracy and fitted with high quality electronic components.
It  is a electronic speed (RPM) governor of hydro turbine and generator.

  • Accuracy  +/- 0.1 HZ. 
  • Quick response elc even under rapid switching of user load.
  • Cuts the power supply to the user load if frequency exceeds the normal values.
  • Suitable for 50 Hz and 60 Hz system.
  • Real time frequency, voltage and dump load percentage display.
  • Eliminates flickers.
  • Cuts user load if fault found in dump load, or if any disconnection in dump load.
  • for single phase and three phase generators.
  • suitable for p.m.g and a.v.r type generators (alternators) also brushed and brush less types
  • suitable for 2 pole ,4 pole,6 pole ,8 multi poles low rpm alternators also.
  • suitable for Pelton, Cross flow, Turgo,Francis etc..type  hydro turbine.
  • for stand alone non gird connected power plant.
  • world wide shipping.(via  DHL,FEDEX,.indian post,.EMS) & pay-pal or western union  payment also available.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • price of  5 kw E.L.C = 560 USD $ + shipping  (with in 12 days shipping via DHL)
  • special price and free delivery for France.
  • mail us your requirement we will get back to you  shortly,.

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electronic load controller hydro power
3 kw elc                  

5 kw electronic load controller

100 kw cross flow turbine with generator
control panel for  cross flow turbine 100 kw synchronized